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Puffin Packaging uses sheep’s wool, nature's finest insulator, to keep chilled and frozen goods at a safe temperature for up to 24 hours, allowing you to deliver with confidence to your customers.

* Our tests were based on typical UK temperatures. Tests based on typical Saharan temperatures were less successful, but tests based on typical Arctic temperatures were superb. For further details and full terms and conditions click here.


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How it works

Fill your Puffin

Simply pack your customer’s order of chilled or frozen foods into the inner pouch with the required number of ice sheets

Pack your Puffin

Slip the inner pouch into the outer pouch, with the open end towards the top

Seal your Puffin

Seal it with the handy glue strip indicated, ensuring it’s secure and there are no air gaps around the produce

Post your Puffin

Mark the pouch with the time it was packed, then send it to your customer via 24 hour post, courier or with your own delivery van


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“Puffin Packaging has transformed our home delivery service. Now we don’t have to limit deliveries to ambient goods as we can send frozen and chilled products to customers all over the country too. We find the packaging so reliable, and it doesn’t take up loads of storage space either. Would highly recommend!”


How much do Puffin Packaging pouches cost?

The cost of each pouch depends on the volume ordered. The more your order, less the cost is per bag. Call us on 0113 323 6031 and we’ll do our best to find the right price for your business.

What if no one’s at home to receive the delivery?

We always suggest that all customers specify a safe place to leave their order if they might be out when the delivery arrives. Some sensible options are: in the porch, shed, or with a friendly neighbour. Some not so sensible options are: in the green bin, buried in the front lawn, or with an unfriendly neighbour.

How long will the goods stay at the correct temperature?

Our Puffin pouches have been extensively tested and will keep food at the temperatures required by food safety standards for 24 hours. Our tests were based on typical UK temperatures. Tests based on typical Saharan temperatures were less successful, but tests based on typical Artic temperatures were superb. Click here to read the full T's & C's.

How can I be sure my customer will receive their parcel within 24 hours?

We always recommend you clearly mark the time the contents were packed on the parcel, and you ask your customer to make sure they open it within 24 hours of that time.

What sizes are the Puffin pouches available in?

There are currently two off-the-shelf sizes on offer:
        • Small – measures 37cm wide x 36cm tall (requires 2 ice sheets)
        • Large – measures 49cm wide x 40cm tall (requires 3 ice sheets)
We can however also make them in a specific size and shape to suit your needs. Within reason, obviously. It might be difficult to package up a whole cow or something. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.

How long do I need to freeze the ice sheets?

Chilled ice sheets must be fully frozen prior to use. They can be frozen in a regular domestic freezer. The time taken depends on the freezer specification, but the sheets will normally freeze in 24 hours. Please ask us for advice if you need the ice sheets to freeze any faster than this.

Frozen ice sheets can only be frozen in freezers that meet certain specifications. Again just ask us for further advice on this.  

Is it hygienic to use wool? Will it get caught in the food?

The wool insulation is completely covered by a durable layer of polyethylene, which is guaranteed completely safe for food. Providing that layer is intact the food will remain 100% free from wool.

Can I include my own company logo?

The simple answer is yes. The not-so-simple-but-still-relatively-straight-forward answer is that due to the set up costs involved for printing, this is only available for customers ordering in large volumes. Again, do give us a call about this and we’ll do our best to help.

Want to know more?

Call us on +44 (0)113 323 6031

You can also register with us and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Puffin Packaging news and events.

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